South Asian Aesthetics

University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2014

Session 15: The Aesthetics of Devotion Part I: God as Love(r)

Guest speaker: John Stratton Hawley, Barnard College. Over the past month we have studied the concept of rasa (with its attendant concepts of bhāva, vibhāva, abhinaya, etc.) in the writings of several thinkers and in the context … Continue reading

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Session 07: Sound and Meaning Part II

Coordinator: Mercedes How are the special effects of sound and cognition in poetry achieved?  How is it possible that poetry says so much without actually ‘saying’ it? “The connoisseur (sahṛdayaḥ) … Continue reading

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Session 05: Rasa Part II

Coordinator: Vidya In this session we will continue our discussion of rasa and associated concepts both by using them to understand pieces of poetry and drama and by comparing the system … Continue reading

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