South Asian Aesthetics

University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2014

Session 20: Aesthetic and Performance of Devotional Music with Yogi Trivedi

Yogendra Trivedi. Photo courtesy

Yogendra Trivedi. Photo courtesy

During this session we will have the tremendous pleasure and benefit of listening to Yogendra (Yogi) Trivedi speak on aesthetics in the theory and practice of devotional singing in the Hindustani classical tradition.  Yogi is an accomplished musician, having trained with Pandit Jasraj, one of the preeminent masters of Hindustani classical music and a representative of the Mewati gharana (or school).  Yogi’s repertoire and skill span both devotional and non-devotional styles, including bhakti bhajan or devotional hymns.  He is also an accomplished journalist, having worked at CBS News and NY1, and now teaches at Columbia University’s School of Journalism.  He is currently completing a PhD in religious studies, examining the role of media in the development of the Swami Narayan Sampraday during the early modern and colonial periods.

To set the scene for our discussion with Yogi on Thursday, I suggest reviewing the concepts that we explored in regard to rasaalamkaradhvaniragas and ragamalastime in music and literature, and God as love(r) in Vaishnava traditions.

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